Alongside other like-minded individuals, he is on a mission to promote HyperNation, with a vision of advocating justice, fairness and transparency. This is done by embracing the principles of decentralised finance (DeFi) to solve the problems in today’s economic system, where big businesses and financial institutions have a stranglehold over the rest of the world. Update Of HyperVerse & The Coming Future!

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With the rapid expansion of the HyperVerse business, in order to thank the community users for their high support for HyperVerse, HyperVerse has launched a fund package 2.0 with a return of up to 4 times to give back to the majority of users. In addition to enjoying higher rewards, users who acquire any membership 2.0 during the event will receive membership 2.0 exclusive vouchers and enjoy the higher rewards at lower prices! “DeFi” is an product for users to manage their digital assets, including different types of products such as savings, staking, and liquidity mining, and to provide users with the best way to earn Tokens. “DeF” will regularly launch high-quality products with rates in a variety of coins, including HVT, MOF, HDAO and more, bringing long-term and for you to grow your crypto holdings easily. This is just a few things that is on the HyperVerse Platform

If you are not signed up you can do so HERE for FREE and check out all that HyperVerse have to offer.


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