The sale of the Yellow Mystery Box will be extended till the 28th July 2022, @ 00:00 (EST) Time or 12:00 Singapore Time (SGT), or 05:00 United Kingdom (GMT). Hurry and get yours with these easy steps;


💠 Log into or access from your hyperverse account

💠 Click on Log In/Sign Up

💠 Enter you email address, click on Get Code [get 4 digit code from your email], and Log In/ Sign Up

💠 Scroll down and select your box of choice – yellow/purple/platinum -click Purchase Now

💠  Click Purchase Now again – then Click Continue

💠  COPY the TRC20 address from the Order Payment page

 _Go to your exchange/wallet of choice and withdraw 100 USDT TRC20 to that address_ 

💠 Once complete, come back to and click I’ve Paid

💠 A purple flyer will pop up confirming CLAIMED at top left

💠 Top right, x to close and go to My Center

💠  You now have the option to UPGRADE or OPEN (Upgrade takes you through the steps listed above)

💠 Click on Open and then Open Now

💠  💥💥💥  BOOM!!!  THERE IS YOUR NFT!!!  💥

💠 Click Claim NFT

💠  Now you get to Associate your NFT with your HyperVerse Account – enter your HV username and HV email address – Submit For Verification – Click Got It

 _After you have claimed your NFT and associated it in, you can now Transfer it to HyperNation._ 

♦️ Log into

♦️ Top right, click on Log in/Sign Up

♦️ Then go to my center – top right

♦️ Click on Transfer, below your NFT

You will be asked for the NFT receiving ERC20 address

♦️ Open up a new tab and go to

♦️ Click on CONNECT TO HYPERNATION  [top right]

♦️ Either LOGIN or REGISTER (if you haven’t before)

Register requires you to create a password and then log in

♦️ Once logged in,Click “Add An NFT”  

♦️ Scroll down and Copy Link [deposit address] 

♦️ Switch back to  

♦️ Paste HyperNation deposit address  – Click on PASTE

♦️ Click “TRANSFER NOW” 

Wait for the transfer process, which may take up to 24 hours…



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