It is essential to note that any investment, trade or membership programme will carry their inherent risks and it is our duty and responsibility to evaluate the risks through evidence, understand the potential rewards, analyse the risk-reward and make a decision whether to embark on this membership programme or not, or if you decide to join the membership work with a level of membership that you are comfortable with to expose as risk. Furthermore, as members you are responsible to acquire the knowledge and the level of competency to fund the membership, navigate the membership platform and exchange rewards to cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Acquiring a HyperVerse membership gives you access to benefit such as education, optional access to other products and services within the various parts of the HyerTech Group including the separate HyperVerse ecosystem and access to the daily rewards programme of the HyperVerse membership as provided to all Hyperverse members. A membership acquisition involves an exchanges of cryptocurrency USDT (Tether) for the HyperVerse Unit of account called HU (Hyper Unit) and it is not an investment. Access to certain other optional products and services maybe subjected to KYC (Know Your Customer) and sperate qualification processes and may not be available in all countries. Each membership carries a specific benefit and specific timeframe and will expire as specified. Access to membership can be extended through acquiring additional and separate memberships by your personal choice.

The HyperVerse Membership is on a best- effort basis and, like any project, there is a risk of loss of funds and rewards. The world of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile, can involve risk of loss, and may not suitable for all persons. Risks include but are not limited to: market and trading risks, system and transaction and processing risks, cyber security risks, regulatory risks, business failure, mistakes made by yourself and others. Opinions, market data and recommendations are subject to change without notice. HyperVerse seeks to mitigate risk by exclusively accepting USDT (Tether) for membership. USDT (Tether) is considered a ‘stable coin’ and historically has not been subject to the market volatility found with other cryptocurrencies.

It is essential that the parties interested attend the webinar presentation to fully understand the risks and rewards where company clearly demonstrates that the HyperVerse membership programme is “NOT a get rich quick scheme”. It is the individual’s discretion whether to join the membership based on the understanding and knowledge of the risks associated and the individual’s personal risk levels.


The membership rewards are given on a daily basis, seven days per week 365 days per year and from the understanding we have, this has been the case since its inception in June 2019.

It is prudent to evaluate the company’s credibility and the integrity as this would dictate the reliability and sustainability of the programme.

The profit centres that the company operate in ie , their own crypto exchanges, CoinW and Hoo generating a daily trading volumes into the billions of dollars, their mining hub ‘Hyper Mining’ a solar powered mining hub Dubai, United Arab Emirates, their crypto bank “HyperBC” and the associated Visa and MasterCard products with $50k and $10k daily spending limits, with their Venture Capital Arm of Collinstar Capital invested and investing in £100s of millions in blockchain projects, associated with listed companies and dealings with Governments (and not limited to), the credibility and its reliability are heavily in favour of the sustainability of the membership programme.

Disclaimer: The content in this report is from the open source and for educational purposes only, therefore should not be considered as financial advice. We all know that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Therefore, all the financial decisions should be made after doing your wide spectrum research.


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