It Is The Best Passive Income Idea in 2022

Ryan Xu is also known as Martian is the founder of HyperVerse Company in California, America. Jayden Wei as the Company CEO and Sam Lee as the Company Chairman.

HyperVerse company is working to attract more members to join their blockchain alliance. They plan to get 30 million users to build traffic on the exchange and raise the market cap of their token within five years. The company is open and offers transparency allowing people to know what is going on. It is an exciting company that offers a wide range of products and services. It offers members a chance to make extra cash at the comfort of their homes through a commission by referring new members to the product and services.    

The company allows members to do affiliate marketing where they recommend a product or service offered by the company to an audience and whenever someone uses their referral link, members get a commission. Joining this online rewards-making company is also cheap and accessible through the guidelines on their website. If you are looking for a financial company to join, look no more; the HyperVerse has covered you. These services fit’s all the age groups from young too old as they offer retirement plans, IRIA’S, plans. It is a global company allowing all people from all walks of life worldwide.

Hypertech Group wants to go public with the biggest IPO on Hong Kong Exchange in 2022 or 2023 for around $40 Billion. They offer membership purchase loans or CD-like financial instruct. Members are given rewards three times their deposit, which is a great way to make cash and reward investments. They release 0.5% every day on the balance of your HU (HyperVerse Units), and therefore, you can’t go wrong joining HyperVerse. It generates a passive income since, as a member, you don’t need to do anything; just by being a member, your rewards will keep showing and growing on your HyperVerse Account.

The HyperVerse Compensation Plan

HyperVerse refers its compensation plan as HyperVerse Community. HyperVerse ensures to provide 0.3% to 1% daily returns. 

HyperVerse affiliates invest in HU, an internal token with the promise of 300% ROI. Apparently, the regular return is 200% but normally 300% ROI is received. 

Referral Commission

Apart from daily ROI, HyperVerse affiliate program offers a commission of 20% on new members.

There are 20 levels of commissions that can be earned from the downline. One must qualify to unlock each level of referral commission by bringing certain personal referrals.

Level 20 is unlocked if an affiliate brings in 20 members. The levels and percentage earnings paid are: 

Level 1 (Direct Downline)20%
Level 215%
Level 310%
Levels 4 to 65%
Levels 7 to 152%
Levels 16 to 201%

VIP Reward

The HyperVerse VIP Reward lets the affiliates earn on HU that is earned by their unilevel team out of their strongest leg. The strongest leg is calculated on daily generated HU across all unilevel legs. 

Rank VIP Reward
ExpertRequired to build downline receiving 50,000 HU every day. Receive 0.5% VIP Reward rate
ProBy building downline receiving 1,00,000 HU per day. Receive a 1% VIP Reward rate
1 StarBy building downline receiving 2,50,000 HU a day. Receive a 3% VIP Reward rate
2 StarsBy building downline receiving 5,00,000 HU per day. Receive a 6% VIP Reward rate
3 StarsBy building downline receiving 1,000,000 HU each day. Receive a 9% VIP Reward rate
4 StarsRequires building downline receiving 3,000,000 HU /day. Receive a 12% VIP Reward rate
5 StarsBy building downline receiving 5,000,000 HU a day. Receive a 15% VIP Reward rate

The VIP Reward Rate percentages are paid on the unilevel team legs excluding the strongest one. 

Global Reward

HU equal to 4% of company-wide investment is put aside in the Global Reward Pool. Global Pool is further split into four small pools. 

Global RewardDetail
2% Global Reward PoolGenerate 2 million HU investment from the strongest leg. 
1% Global Reward PoolGenerate 4 million HU investment from the strongest leg. 
0.5% Global Reward poolGenerate 6 million in HU investment from the strongest leg.
0.5% Global Reward poolGenerate 10 million in HU investment from the strongest leg

The Global Reward Pool is paid every month.

Even after becoming a member, you can still rebuy new memberships when your profit reaches 50 HU, in doing so your rebuy will also be multiplied by three, allowing members to keep on growing their balance and increasing their rewards. You Membership Purchase Packages start from as little as $400, $800, and $1200 in Stable coins like USDT, and you will receive daily rewards at 0.3-1% per day. The withdrawals are paid in their currency MOF (Molecular Future), or which you can exchange to BTC or USD on Centralised Exchange like Hoo or Bittrex or HyperVerse Token (HVT) on Binance Smart Chain. If you look up MOF, you will see that it has done very well last year and appreciated 230%.

You can always withdraw daily from the available balance in your account, ensuring cash is always available for customers. Becoming a member of HyperVerse can save you from financial breakdowns and allow you to grow financially.

To become a new Member of the HyperVerse Community click on my referral link: Sign Me Up To HyperVerse

Blockchain Education And Rewards

Education is an integral part of any company that wants to attract investors. HyperVerse companies aim to bring blockchain education to the masses and build blockchain education centres globally. They have a stake in Binance, Hoo, and OKEX Exchanges who own the 4th most potent Bitcoin mining rig globally.

Just grabbing your membership can do great, but if you do a promotion and team building, it puts HyperVerse into Overdrive, and you get affiliate rewards and bonuses at many levels. Another significant benefit is if they have a release on a new Token, the members are the first in line, like a presale, so that’s a big plus, and that might be a considerable benefit buying before anyone else. They announced plans to enter Metaverse space.

HyperVerse EcoSystem

The company offers different services and products to its members. Being a member of HyperVerse comes with a big package.

HyperVerse claims, they are a DeFi autonomous organization works with multiple decentralised platforms and blockchains.

These includes different products as part of their ecosystem.

  • HyperPAY: Is a multi-ecology wallet that integrates multiple functions into a single platform 
  • HyperFIN: It provides digital financial services such as mortgage loans, merchant payments and wealth management. 
  • HyperBC: Is a blockchain encrypted bank that provides asset custody services. 
  • HPX: Provides safe and fast transactions with low fees, high commission and real-time withdrawals.
  • HyperMINING: Is a digital ecosystem that provides high speed, low energy computing chips and mining machines make mining efficient and straightforward.
  • HyperTALK: Is an instant messaging software for blockchains in the crypto world.
  • HyperNEWS: An additional Blockchain instant messaging software for the crypto world.
  • HyperMALL: A digital mall that lets people spend their money from anywhere on anything they want. It does this by running transactions through smart contracts, leaving you with no need to convert your cash into cryptocurrency beforehand.
  • HyperSHOW: A High-Quality Livestream content platform that always uses AI and natural language processing to provide viewers with the most engaging, creative show with a strong network and secured user data.

HyperVerse Best Passive Reward Idea For Students

As a student, your life is full of pressure with an assignment to research, an exam to prepare for, and classes to attend. Education is expensive in terms of time and money, and the last thing you want is to be broke or look for a job while pending your assignments.

This is where HyperVerse comes through for you, and we are here to take care of your financial needs as a student while you concentrate on your studies. We allow students to join our company and earn rewards in the form of commission by referring other students, friends or family to any of our services and products. As a company, we care for young people who need financial help, and as a company with integrity, empathy, and sympathy, we care for students. After all YOU are our future!

As a student, do you want an income generator without lifting a figure? HyperVerse is here for you; all you need is to visit our website and become a member today. Welcome and become part of HyperVerse Community, earning while your learning…

Why Choose HyperVerse Company Over Others In The Market?

  • The company allows members to earn 400% ROI, which is higher than other cryptocurrency companies.
  • It allows members worldwide to create things, sell and explore the cosmos within its metaverse.
  • It creates a decentralised infrastructure for digital currency users.
  • The company is open and offers transparency, ensuring that Members are not left in the dark.

To become a new Member of the HyperVerse Community click on my referral link: Sign Me Up To HyperVerse


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