❇️ HyperVerse 2.0 4X Promotion Summary ❇️ 
✳️ Who can participate?
All existing and NEWLY registered members.
✳️ What are the value of the 4X memberships?
400, 800, 1200, 3600 HU
400 x 4 = 1,600 HU

800 x 4 = 3,200 HU

1200 x 4 = 4,800 HU

3600 x 4 = 14,400 HU

✳️ Can you get a 4X on rebuys?
Yes but only AFTER you FIRST acquire a 4X membership for 400, 800, 1200 or 3600 HU depositing external USDT into your HV Back Office and acquire the 4X membership.
✳️ How much is a 4X REBUY?
Each 4X Rebuy is 125 HU…not 50 HU like the 3X Rebuy
✳️ What is the daily reward rate for a 4X vs a 3X?
3X offers a 0.5% per day and a 4X offers 0.3% a day.
✳️ Is a 4X or a 3X best for you?
My recommendation is the 3X is best for PASSIVE participants who do NOT intend to refer and the 4X is best for active people who do refer and receive accelerated rewards. 
If you are receiving accelerated rewards a 4X membership and 4X rebuys increase your Pending Rewards Balance more significantly which means you can receive MORE accelerated rewards before you have to acquire another membership or do a rebuy. 
✳️ How do I acquire a 4X membership?
You deposit USDT into your DEPOSIT account and then go to MEMBERSHIP on the HOME page and acquire the 4X membership.
✳️ How long is the 4X promotion going for?
It started from the 1st March 2022 and is ongoing until further notice!

To join and take advantage of this great offer press Here


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