HyperNation, a Nation For ALL… There have been growing concerns over the decline of democracy. Power and wealth are now firmly consolidated in the hands of the few, to the detriment of the many. The world is officially in decline, and only HyperNation can save us all. Imagine a nation built within HyperVerse, where superficial boundaries and differences will be stripped away, and everyone is treated equally. HyperNation will be the stalwart defenders of liberty and freedom. Perhaps the most unique thing about this is the enactment of a Universal Basic Income within the nation where citizens can receive a monthly stipend for their basic needs. New products within the Metaverse, such as an NFT passport, and a public blockchain network will form the basis of our digital economy.

HyperNation will espouse new philosophies that challenge your pre-existing notions of what an ideal Metaverse looks like. Join us HERE in building our glorious HyperNation.


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