1. HyperVerse Ecosystem – The world’s most comprehensive and ever-evolving digital ecosystem.
  2. HyperVerse Membership – The membership will connect and is the doorway to benefiting from this game-changing blockchain system via a comprehensive education platform with daily rewards that can be converted into crypto and fiat currencies.
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A Virtual Metaverse:

The HyperVerse is a virtual Metaverse comprising of millions of planets. In the HyperVerse, players, also known as the voyagers, can connect with friends, experience different cultures and lifestyles, create tokenised items, start businesses, and explore the universe. HyperVerse provides a fair chance to every resident in the galaxy thanks to VerseDAO.

A Virtual Experience – Clone yourself and experience life in the HyperVerse


Tokenised items – Virtually anything within the HyperVerse can be traded as NFT tokens Galaxy pioneer – Be a galaxy wanderer, or start your own interstellar enterprise in the


Space Expedition – Form groups for interstellar expeditions to explore unknown spaces and planets.

Decentralised capital – Trade tokenised real-world stocks, options, contracts and ETFs V-DAO – Govern this decentralised virtual world by voting and initiating new proposals


VerseEco stands for the HyperVerse ecosystem, with the purpose of assisting the voyagers in bridging virtual asset to the real world, as well as supporting the governance and regulation of trading activities within the HyperVerse.

It consists of the Nebula, the Galaxy Decentralised Capital and VerseDAO. These three components transform the HyperVerse into an autonomous capitalistic world.

Verse-Eco Components:


DAO stands for “Decentralised Autonomous Organisation”. V-DAO owns the smart contracts of assets in the HyperVerse world, subsidizing operations throughout the HyperVerse, and allowing for autonomous community governance. Voyagers can participate in governance measures by voting and initiating new proposals.

HyperVerse is committed to the creation of an autonomous platform that allows users to trade, play and socialise. As a decentralised ecosystem, the platform will be governed by its users.

Together with their business partners, they aim to bring an immersive Metaverse to their users

Disclaimer: The content in this report is from the open source and for educational purposes only, therefore should not be considered as financial advice. We all know that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Therefore, all the financial decisions should be made after doing your wide spectrum research.


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