HyperTech Group are experts in DeFI (Decentralised Finance) and the Metaverse where it’s predicted trillions of dollars will flow into quality projects and large opportunities in the next decade. The HyperTech Group have simplified ‘DeFi’ a Hyper Universe allowing members to benefit from this predicted massive migration, through education, rewards and new potential opportunities.

HyperVerse is backed by one of the world’s largest blockchain alliances with over 7 years of successful and innovative development of great blockchain projects and large crypto mining assets including bitcoin.

Founder – Ryan XU (born ZIjing Xu)

Ryan Xu is a visionary blockchain legend, top Bitcoin miner and innovator since 2009 widely known as The King of Cryptocurrency. ‘Martian’ Ryan Xu is one of the most influential key opinion leaders in the digital currency and blockchain community. He is also a member of the Asian DACA Blockchain Association and Chairman of HCash Foundation.

Ryan Xu has been dedicated to the Bitcoin industry since 2014, with extensive experience in blockchain, mining, and investment. He brings special expertise to pioneer blockchain technology, expand into new markets and leverage new platforms that are especially timely in a fast-changing business environment.

Ryan Xu is an angel investor in 12 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies of all time, founder and Board Member of HCash, HyperDao and Molecular Future, an early investor and shareholder of publicly listed blockchain companies in Australia, Tokyo and NASDAQ stock exchange, He is the founder of HyperVerse and CollinStar Capital (a Venture Capital company in the blockchain space). he owns outright Hoo and CoinW cryptocurrency exchanges and an angel investor in 40 plus other exchanges generating billions of dollars of daily transactions.

HE is being christened as the King of Cryptocurrency as a mark of respect for the stature he holds in the cryptocurrency and DeFi industries.

Chairman – Sam Lee

Sam Lee is a distinguished blockchain speaker and blockchain enthusiast since 2011 and known as the crown prince of blockchain. Co-founder of 16 Blockchain Centres and plans to open 300 around the world – The world’s first non-profit blockchain knowledge hubs.

He is a distinguished speaker, commentator and in much demand on global platforms and media channels. He has spoken on the World Economic Forum, United Nations, CNN BBC, Sky News Forbes and Bloomberg and works as well in some of the Fortune 500 companies like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

NEXT: BLOCKCHAIN – The six-part Amazon Prime Documentary; Ryan Xu, Sam Lee and the team feature demonstrating and highlighting their involvement in this blockchain space, their involvement in rescuing the BitCoin in 2013/2014 and clearly demonstrating that they are the ‘Whales’ in this industry. For detailed information about the key players, it is recommended that the reader watches the Episode 6 in particular to understand the stature and credibility that Ryan Xu and Sam Lee hold in this industry.

HyperVerse CEO – Steven Reece Lewis

Steven Reece Lewis has spent over a decade in the IT and Fintech industry focusing on business management, project consultation and communications.

He started his career as a derivatives trader with Goldman Sachs, then began his own web development company which was later sold to Adobe. He is a proven business builder with extensive experience across merging markets, new techniques and digital assets.

In 2016 he saw the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and predicted the crypto market would be the key driving force in economic growth over the next decade. He secured nearly $10million from angel investors to launch an IT Consulting start up advising on building blockchain based solutions for the financial markets.

His strong performance and drive caught the attention of HyperTech Group, which then acquired Steven’s IT/blockchain Consultancy company in October 2020 in order to bring Steven and his team aboard in early 2021.

Steven holds a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Leeds University, along with an MBA in Finance from the University of Cambridge. Originally from the UK, he has spent many years in Asia and currently lives in Dubai.

3.8 HyperTech Group – Key Alliances

CollinStar Capital – Founded in 2015

  • $400 million + invested 300+ blockchain startup companies
  • A large blockchain venture capital company with billions of dollars in assetsDisclaimer: The content in this report is from the open source and for educational purposes only, therefore should not be considered as financial advice. We all know that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Therefore, all the financial decisions should be made after doing your wide spectrum research.
  • Invested in 40+ cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Investments in 12 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies capital/3nDmZdVmQsORUPLzz3wKRK1Mzh_FY0VxO_591zvtb3ECollinstar Review the-unsettled-world-of-blockchain/DOT (native currency of Polkadot) alone is top 10 ranked crypto with $24.7 billion market cap.“Collinstar Capital China CEO Xu Yinglong’s insightful investment vision won the DeepChain2020 Most Influential Investor of the Year, PANews Most Powerful Investor of the Year, and Nova2020 Blockchain Active Investor of the Year Top 30, all sponsored by DeepChain Finance”Recent investment on GameFi trading-platformHCash – Founded in 2016
  • $50 million invested in association with Quantum resistant security with IBM. Quantum Resistant offers one thousand more computing power and security procedures. Worlds most advanced patented blockchain project- CSIRO
  • Research & Development by Pardue, Monash, Tokyo & Shanghai Universities the-world/ privacy-preserving-blockchain-protocol-gets-an-upgrade – Purchase in 2017 (formally the BI Wang Group)
  • $100 million invested.
  • A cash acquisition.
  • Mined over 300,000 bitcoins and billions in crypto assets.

1 of the top 4 crypto miners across the world that produce 60% of all Bitcoins.

Because of regulatory changes in China where the group was based, it was sold, and key parts of the group was restructured now named Hyper Mining, the equipment is based in Dubai and has resumed mining.

Blockchain Global – Founded in 2014

  • Over $300 million funded to assist over 80 blockchain projects.
  • Partnerships with Governments and Fortune 500 Companies
  • Got involved in the equity and technology-based projects such as Ø NEM a $1.4 Billion + project
    Ø TRON a $2 Billion + projectBlockchain Global went into Joint Venture with ACX exchange (Australian Entity) and installed their own management team. The original owners fled to Korea.Blockchain Global told the original investors that they will pay for the legal costs in order to get the money back. However, the original owners and the money were unable to be located.Original investors went after BG for the money which is understandable even though Blockchain were trying to help them as they had some form of responsibility and management of ACXBlockchain Global have gone into voluntarily administration to minimise the impact to the global enterprise.Ryan Xu has said verbally that he will pay back the investors the original capital (not interest).There is nothing suspicious about this and common practice of large businesses when having to shut down a subsidiary. Press Info that is out there mostly print’s a negative picture 21m-20211103-p595n3 exchange-case community-as-possible-exit-scam

Disclaimer: The content in this report is from the open source and for educational purposes only, therefore should not be considered as financial advice. We all know that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Therefore, all the financial decisions should be made after doing your wide spectrum research.


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