On 10th June, 2020, HyperTech Group conducted an international livestream that saw fans from all around the world in attendance. The official launch of HyperFund – Oglivy Project means the construction of a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, with multiple functions and applications that will rival the traditional finance space.

In just 5 years, the HyperTech Group plans to have 300 Mars Home community education centers, 3000 innovative blockchain projects, $300 billion market valuation, and 30 million community members in our ecosystem!

Embark on a journey together with us to become the leaders of the blockchain industry and radically change the world.

We hope to see each of you as a citizen of HyperVerse aka HyperNation. Opportunity is knocking at your door you have a choice, to either ignore it or welcome it as a way to improve your life financially. I would just like to say life is short so hold on to every single opportunity that you can grab.


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