Understand What HyperVerse Is.

HyperVerse is a Crypto Community founded by some of the most well-respected and influential people in the entire Blockchain industry. This Community is able to create and leverage a unique innovative system that the founders have developed to provide unprecedented opportunities for the average every day person.

WHO IS BEHIND IT? Sam Lee and Ryan Xu are the founders of HyperVerse with four companies that are working with and supported by fortune 500 companies and governments around the world, have invested in and incubated some of the most successful blockchain companies in the entire world, own more than 40 world class Crypto Exchanges, and are developing world class technology that is set to disrupt entire industries.

The Formula: Activate Your HyperVerse Membership & Start Getting Daily Rewards.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Companies in the Cryptocurrency and blockchain space spend their tens of MILLIONS of dollars to attract users to their projects or tokens… With this unique system, the HyperTech Group is able to leverage their resources, acquire innovative projects, get them listed on a big exchanges virtually for free, get massive media exposure, and put a strong community (US) behind it, drastically lower cost and risk involved, and by doing so, can increase the value of their diversified portfolio, creating a win-win situation where everyone benefits from the market performance.

On top of the highly profitable crypto portfolio, HyperTech Group is developing a unique decentralised finance (DiFi) ecosystem that capitalises on some of the most profitable industries in existence such as social media, crypto mining, eCommerce, news, digital banking, and financial technology. One ecosystem, 9 highly profitable apps, all adding massive value, revenue streams, and revolutionising the industry as we know it.

To become a member go to this link: Online Passive Rewards.

How To Get Involved & Accelerate HyperVerse Daily Rewards.

  • Download the Binance app or go to the web version.

  • Deposit USDT (Tether) into the app to fund your account.
  • Purchase your membership which cost as little as 400HU/$400 (which will be multiplied by three giving you a total of 800HU/$800), and start benefiting from 0.03-1% for the next 1200 days.
  • You can Accelerate HyperVerse Daily Rewards by signing up new Members. Watch the video, “Learn how to become part of the dynamic HyperCommunity, and experience the incredible benefits of membership” by clicking on the link Accelerate or the image below!

What’s In It For Me?

Get access to our proprietary system that can give you exclusive private tokens pre-sales for hand-picked projects not available anywhere else, generate daily rewards, access to an incredible community of like minded individuals and top level blockchain education.

There Is So Much More To HyperVerse!

To provide users with a decentralised platform to socialise from around the world and play to earn, the HyperVerse is establishing a metaverse with the integration of NFTs.

In this virtual multi-planet metaverse, users can connect with friends, experience different cultures and lifestyles, create NFT items, start businesses and explore the universe. The HyperVerse provides a fair chance to every resident in the galaxy, with the community being governed by users with HyperVerse Token (HVT).

HyperVerse will continue to seek more strategic partners and release and launch more planets. In the technical wave of metaverse and Web3.0, it meliorates the ecosystem of life and commerce, enriches users’ overall experience, and creates a more sophisticated virtual metaverse world. Stay tuned!

Do You What To Earn Some Of This Amazing CryptoCurrency?

“Grow Your Crypto Fast” Join Our Community Today!

Don’t Miss The Next Financial Explosion…

Now it’s Your Chance. Take the Simple Steps to Activate Your Account and Start Seeing Rewards Generating Each Day, if You would like to Accelerate Your HyperVerse Daily Rewards, Refer New Members To Accelerate your Daily Rewards, to start to see the Results of Your Rewards Grow Rather Quickly.

If You have any questions about HyperVerse or would like more information, let me know in the comments below.

Where entering a new Era in our time when there is over 100 different currencies and we have the advantage to make the Most of a SIMPLE Opportunity to create a Monthly Passive Income and be wealthier just by becoming a HyperVerse Member. Have a look at what others have to say about being a Member of The HyperVerse Community.


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  1. I bought a membership of 2500.00 USDT on February 12, 2022. What do I do with the pending rewards. I’ve been rebuying every 10 days and notice the pending rewards increased. Ive been rebuying 50 H.U.

    • You’re not able to do anything with your pending rewards as your pending rewards are released 5% of the outstanding balance everyday, when you do a rebuy of 50 HU your membership awards increase by 0.25 each time you rebuy.

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