As we witness the largest transfer of wealth in human history from the old Fiat currency system to the Digital currencies….
… It is obviously going to be accompanied by a lot of dynamic changes and variables which are typical of most fintech (finanxe/new technology) firms in this space.
Hyper is no exception to such turbulence, but what makes it unique is it’s membership and education platforms which are incomparable to anything else out there presently, or before it.
Those of us who’ve been burnt and lost money along the way in crypto, are witnessing the most community-driven and largest blockchain company of it’s kind of out there… 
… doing some remarkable things at a time when banks continue to give us very little, and most big technology firms care more about their own profits , monopolization and censorship of free speech!
✅ A little expectation adjustment, proactive self study and time investment into this Hyper opportunity would certainly be of great benefit for one and all. 👍

HyperCommunity™️ Announcements:

HyperCommunity CEO Update, 9 April 2022
Membership 2.0 Launch
Hello everyone, this is Steven Reece Lewis, the CEO of HyperVerse and the HyperCommunity.
In this open letter to our Community, I would like to address our full scale launch of our Membership 2.0.
As I announced in March, our new Membership 2.0 as a new part of our membership rewards program began as an exclusive promotion to give our long-standing members an opportunity to earn 4-times rewards.

We’ve now decided to make that exclusive promotional offer into our main membership.
I’d like to go over the details of the Membership 2.0 with you, but first, I’d like to explain some of the reasons for the change. We ought to have explained this better at an earlier time, for which we apologize, but let me make up for lost time now.
Our highly successful HyperCommunity membership has been a keystone of our success together for 2 ½ years. During that time, the rewards programme was available for different time periods and different percentages, often 2.5X, until a promotional offer of 3X was turned into our standard membership from mid-2020 until now. As our Service Agreement always made clear, this rewards level has been on a best-efforts basis and never was a guarantee.
Our finance experts found recently that the crypto markets have developed some different patterns, and so we have made fresh calculations of what it takes our HyperCommunity to provide a sustainable reward to our members. We determined that the HyperCommunity membership actually could provide greater rewards if we did so over a longer time period. So this is the basic financial model of our new Membership 2.0.
There is one more important factor behind our change to 2.0 that I am somewhat reluctant to address, but I believe the whole HyperCommunity needs to understand.
As I have alluded to several times in my updates and as many have heard, our HyperCommunity developed a serious challenge of some of our membership having multiple accounts. I am not here to place blame for that, but to make you aware of the scale of the issue that we have discovered over the past months. Instead of the expected one account, we have members who have 5, 10 and 15 accounts for themselves. One example is a group of 10,000 members, and we learned each of them was trained to open 7 accounts. We have several countries where we found to our dismay that leaders had taught everyone in that country to open 21 accounts per person. We found other cases with people or companies with 50, 100 and even as many as 500 accounts.
These people got not only their passive rewards, but they also got accelerated rewards on their own memberships. This outcome was never intended by the company, and was discovered when rewards payments began escalating late last year. Uncorrected, this excessive level of withdrawals only grows larger and eventually it becomes unsustainable. Fortunately, we identified it on time. That was when we began enforcement against that practice, and we are still in the middle of correcting that situation.

However, to be transparent with you, while we have this bubble of excessive multiple account payments processing through our system, the new Membership 2.0 is not only better for this financial season but it also allows us to address this situation of abusive use of multiple accounts. We still will take enforcement actions with serious violators, but we also know that there were others who innocently followed guidance from certain people in the Community. Our shift to Membership 2.0 allows us to avoid penalizing innocent people with a limited number of multiple accounts for this past mistake.
I will be making a separate important announcement on the subject of multiple accounts, but I wanted all of you to be aware that it has been a factor in this move to Membership 2.0
With that background and having addressed our most serious area of membership disruption and in some cases abuse, let’s turn the page and look forward.
The future is exciting for our HyperCommunity. Since the start of April HyperCommunity has released an exciting and sustainable upgrade to our HyperCommunity membership.
The main thing I want you to understand is that until April 15th, you can take advantage of our limited time offer to upgrade from Membership 1.0 to Membership 2.0 for FREE, and you get your Earned Rewards immediately boosted from 3X to 4X.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 18.35.45

Why are we offering this special incentive? The new Membership 2.0 will be our exclusive membership offer going forward, starting Monday, 11 April 2022. We want to encourage every member to make the shift and enjoy greater rewards for your loyalty.
Membership 2.0 features 4X rewards. Our 2.0 currently has four plan levels: 400 HU / 800 HU / 1200 HU and 3600 HU. It also features a rebuy option at 125 HU.
Once you upgrade, your Earned Rewards are boosted, and the entire amount is reset in our system as though it is the first day of your 2.0 membership. From that amount, there is a formula that determines your daily rewards, which will depend on the amounts and timing of the rebuys in your current account, and the composition of your Earned Rewards. Each account will have a unique daily reward amount based on this formula. You will see your new daily Rewards amount only after you upgrade.
For the avoidance of doubt, upgrading your account does not mean buying one 2.0 membership while keeping other 1.0 memberships. Upgrading means converting all memberships in your account to Membership 2.0. That will give you the immediate free Earned Rewards boost — but only if you act between now and 15 April.
HyperCommunity is shifting fully over to Membership 2.0, and it would be cumbersome to maintain two separate systems. We ask all members to click on the banners in your HyperVerse back office inviting you to “Upgrade to Membership 2.0”. Please convert by 15 April 2022 latest and alert your friends to do so also!Let me now speak about our highly successful HyperCommunity 1.0 membership with its 3X rewards. This has been a keystone of our success together, but as I explained earlier we need to change the model going forward to adjust to the markets of 2022 and beyond. Accordingly, Membership 1.0 is being discontinued and replaced by Membership 2.0.
What does that mean? It means that Membership 1.0 will no longer be available as a new membership option starting Monday, 11 April. Likewise, there will be no rebuys available under Membership 1.0 after 11 April 2022. From 16 April 2022 onwards, any members not converting to Membership 2.0 will find their 1.0 memberships and withdrawals subject to small account maintenance fees. It is best for everyone to be under the new Membership 2.0.
With the shift from Membership 1.0 to 2.0, our HyperDrive Accelerated Rewards system also shifts to 2.0. As from 16 April 2022, in order to receive any of the three types of Accelerated Rewards (Community Rewards, VIP Rewards or Global Rewards) for building the Community, you must have upgraded your account to Membership 2.0. You will then be qualified to earn accelerated rewards from the daily earned rewards of your team members. This is unchanged from before, other than you needing to be upgraded in Membership 2.0.

Finally, let’s be clear on redeeming your rewards. We are pleased to let you know that withdrawals from Memberships 1.0 and 2.0 remain at the minimum amount of 50HU.
As I trust that you can tell from this update and our launch of Membership 2.0, the HyperCommunity is here for the long run, and we are taking the steps needed to build this Community for the years ahead. This business model is sustainable for the Company, and provides excellent benefits to the members. Our HyperCommunity has an exciting future ahead.
Once again, please login now to your back office, convert to Membership 2.0, get your immediate free Rewards boost, and let’s enjoy our new 4-times membership growth! 

Please stay tuned for more updates as we progress into this new era. 
Steven Reece Lewis CEO HyperVerse and HyperCommunity


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