How Is HyperTech Group Able To Provide The Daily Rewards To The Community Members?

What was their P&L and what proportion of that was provide the rewards to members?

The disclosure of accounts is at the discretion of the company. This is just the way how blockchain companies are operating.

HyperTech Group uses its own financial resources to payback member rewards. They do not rely on membership purchases to help generate the rewards and return it back to the community.

The company profits are used to service the rewards, and they can provide this from all the following types of activities:

  • Large scale mining
  • Fees from crypto exchanges
  • Staking projects
  • Angel funding
  • Launching projects and groups own tokensJust look at the 24 hour trading volume alone on exchanges as at 7th Jan 2022.
  • Hoo – Excess of $400M (owned outright)
  • CoinW – Excess of $1.5Bn (owned outright)
  • OKEX – Excess of $30Bn (partial stake) – 2nd largest global crypto exchange
  • Binance – (partial stake – 4.8%?)
  • Stake in so many other exchangesThis is all in a bear market where the Market Cap was down 1Tn since the peak at November 2021.

How Much Capital Reserves Are Held To Service Existing Memberships Purchased To Date?

This is in the unfortunate event that future business profits do reduce despite stella track record in the past 8 years.

If revenues are insufficient to provide the rewards then the company will liquidate digital portfolios in excess of $100 million to meet the shortfall (as per service agreement).

HyperVerse Negative Reviews Comes Up On Internet Searches, Why?

Whilst there is freedom of speech, the content comes from sources that may not have proper justification or authority. It doesn’t help to present the true picture to newcomers. Some form of counter documentation is required on each allegation.

It is recommended not to believe everything we read on the internet. If one really wants to find out what HyperTech group and HyperVerse community is all about then dig deeper than what comes up high on internet / google searches and navigate into the evidence rather than the speculative, unsubstantiated scandalous reports from certain websites and media sources

That said, UK Trust Pilot reviews are excellent. Even then you will get haters/troll claiming that they are fake reviews. (old site) (new site)

We must be aware of the concept of Clickbait. It is large business where article writers, YouTube channel owners and so forth all earn a significant living from clicks from visitors.

Typically, they target the up and coming organisations that have > 1m users (particularly MLM ones). Even if a small percentage of the customers or potential joiners out of curiosity click on the link, the creator can make significant income.

When people write negative reviews, always ask “why” they have written that first? It will usually come down to attracting visitors rather than saving the world from making bad decisions.

Why Does HyperVerse Have Regulatory Warnings, FCA In Particular?

Since the Cryptocurrency market is unregulated, some regulators (FCA for UK) have issued warnings as they are not liable to protect the customers of any losses.

It was thought that the FCA closed the investigation after HyperFund (the former HyperVerse) acknowledged that South Africa member was selling as an investment platform, but added since the launch of HyperVerse.

Note even banks have issued warnings to crypto exchanges (Coinbase, Binance etc) as they are not UK regulated organisations.

Is HyperVerse a Ponzi Or Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are businesses where the emphasis is on recruiting, rather than on products or services. HyperVerse does not depend on recruiting. In a Ponzi, there is usually no real product or service being sold, and earlier members end up getting paid by later sales. Obviously, these rules do not apply to HyperVerse, since all memberships involve the acquisition of a membership, and the referral acceleration rewards are paid only as members themselves receive rewards.

Also, a Ponzi scheme is a structure whereby existing members are paid based on always bringing in new business, stop the flow of new business coming in, and the house of cards falls apart. Regardless of whether there are large or small earnings promised, no Ponzi can survive long term. 

Ponzi schemes are illegal in every jurisdiction. From individual scam artists to sophisticated scammer groups, the different ways to take money from naive “investors” are almost limitless. But Ponzi scams always have no structure aside from bringing in additional members or investors.

HyperVerse is structured very differently. Members join by purchasing a membership. They earn rewards daily. The liquidity behind Rewards payments is based on the HyperTech Group’s various financial holdings, such as the crypto exchanges owned outright and interest in 40 additional exchanges, owning their own bank, fees generated from crypto currency mining, staking, investing and other financial products at HyperPay and HyperFin, etc. At no time are members’ purchased memberships paid out to other members. There is no commission structure. And rewards are not based on continually bringing in new members. Obviously, the goal of HyperTech Group is to grow the membership, and they pay substantial rewards to incentivise members to help grow that customer base. But behind it all is $100million liquidity that underpins more than enough to cover rewards contracts in any eventuality.

HyperCapital Then HyperFund, and Now HyperVerse. Why Constant Rebranding?

It is common practice for organisations to go through rebranding especially when they are going through radical organisation restructure and progressive change.

  • Accenture was rebranded from Anderson Consulting
  • RBS recently rebranded to NatWest GroupHyperTech Group is keeping up with the trends and expanding beyond Digital Currency, Block Chain and DeFi and entering Metaverse, NFTs and GamingIt was appropriate to rebrand and include the “Verse” in the name and made sense to drop the word “Fund” since this is not offering an investment productThe restructure also had to ensure segregation of two separate entities for regulatory purposes:

1 HyperVerse Community Membership – offers education and rewards
• HyperVerse Ecosystem – offers financial / non-financial products subject to KYC and

Country Specific Rules:

HyperVerse is at the forefront of entering the Metaverse space. See articles below on how huge this area is going to become: Metaverse/ -economy-this-is-what-will-be-for- real-in-2022.html -141642016.html

It is exciting to see that other large organisations are also doing the same:

  • Facebook (Meta)
  • Microsoft (Mesh for Teams)
  • NVidia leading chip manufacturer with its own software platform Omniverse
  • Alibaba launched “Yuanjing Shenmgsheng” to develop Metaverse where peoplecommunicate and trade
  • Disney moves to the Metaverse and Blockchain technology

Disclaimer: The content in this report is from the open source and for educational purposes only, therefore should not be considered as financial advice. We all know that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Therefore, all the financial decisions should be made after doing your wide spectrum research.


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