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The past two years have seen explosive growth in Defi. No matter how phenomenal success a project achieves, it is always related to Defi. Because the whole blockchain market is ever-changing, for new joiners, staking your assets through Defi is a very sound strategy that will guarantee wealth increase in both bull and bear markets. However, the competition in the DeFi market is also fierce. There are all sorts of DeFi projects available in the market, with constant financial and technological innovations. Working with a professional financial platform may be a more successful path.

The DeFi trend

When we hold a crypto asset, although the price of the crypto asset may go up, the number of tokens is still constant. As a result, when the market fluctuates, people’s emotions are surely under influence. Investing through DeFi is then a secure way to manage your asset. When you are optimistic about an asset, you can continuously increase the number of tokens through the DeFi protocol. This gives you a very high level of flexibility compared to holding crypto assets alone.

For average investors, many DeFi projects are more like a financial-cum-technology product, which can be difficult to understand. Accessing relevant information can also be challenging. Besides, there are also other obvious impediments, such as high entry requirements for ordinary users, complex operations, high fees and contractual risks. In comparison, DeFi asset management products are much simpler. They provide customised investment strategies firmly based on investors’ actual situation and thereby allow them to better participate in the DeFi wave with the help of a professional platform.

HyperVerse Defi allows investors to simplify the process, develop a more tailored strategy and participate in the DeFi wave with a professional platform.


HyperVerse DeFi makes it easy to manage your money

HyperVerse Defi is the perfect solution for users to get a higher return on their investment. “HVT Smart Mining” is a DeFi asset management product developed by HyperVerse. It allows users to invest their disposable HVT in smart mining and participate in decentralised projects. Through a click on “Invest”, users can then participate in DeFi mining and obtain returns in a short period. HVT Smart Mining does not involve any complex operations, such as manual asset management, or starting transaction, etc., therefore saving expensive transaction fees. It also supports flexible token deposit/withdrawal. Interests are calculated on a daily basis and yields generated are sent immediately.

HyperVerse DeFi exerted great efforts on designing and improving the smart contract, especially on user experience. It has effectively solved the problem of difficult operation traditional plagued DeFi products.

Simply by clicking “mining”, users can use HVT to farm and the entire process of Defi can be completed with just a few clicks. In this way, HyperVerse Defi provides simple, easy and secure services.

HyperVerse DeFi is also highly flexible. It supports users to deposit and withdraw funds as they wish, with no time or amount limits.

HyperVerse DeFi is a new smart money management platform with bank-level security. It is designed to combine and interact with the entire blockchain ecology to create a complete closed-loop decentralised financial platform with the view to maximize smart contract protocols based on blockchain technology. Users can be assured of secure, value-added and trusted financial services for their assets through HyperVerse Defi.

About the future, HyperVerse Defi is more than confident…

In the future, HyperVerse Defi will constitute the underlier of the blockchain, and in the battle of public chains in 2022, it will be deployed to all public chains to form effective interactions and add more tokens to enhance its liquidity. After all, liquidity is a cornerstone for a sustainable DeFi infrastructure layer. The core of HyperVerse Defi, a new generation of smart asset management platform, is to turn liquidity into an infrastructure layer for DeFi, and on top of that, make DeFi more sustainable, and eventually become independent and sustainable. Through constant technological transformation, it will gain more users to use the product, and the liquidity itself is an important infrastructure layer for the sustainability of DeFi.

Currently, global blockchain technology developers are working hard to explore potential fields where blockchain can be applied and possible service models that may function. DAO, decentralised finance, decentralised applications and other emerging fields have emerged and are rapidly becoming widely used in the global blockchain industry. The HyperVerse Defi team is bridging the future with reality, creating a new world of the financial digital world with low participation barriers, easy operation, stable returns, openness and fairness for users.


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