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I am Jahamor, a member of The HyperVerse Community. I have been looking for a number of years (over 10 years) of a way to build a passive income, that’s WAY too long, in fact I have been to a certain degree focusing on how to build a passive income and have learned a lot, I have failed a lot, and ultimately I found a New World that are moving with the times, and I know will work for you.

The Journey Into The New World Of Currency…

Growing up I was taught like most that life begins or starts of from attending school the collage/university finish with getting your certificate to obtain a good paying job to earn your money. At no point growing up did anyone tell me how a new digital currency would be invented which is now 13 years ago (in 2009) and how it would grow so fast in value and that I’m able to obtain it and build a passive income as well as help others.

I Am On A Passive Mission… One That Includes Others…

My Mission, my goal, and what I get enjoyment out of is helping other people achieve results.

So my passion derives from being able to help folks, and I know that I can help you and anyone else you know get on track with their goals towards building a more Comfortable Financial Life, even a Financially FREE Life. Choosing the strategy is key, as there is so many different methods of building a passive income and there is NO time like the present to come onboard The HyperVerse Ship to move along with the future and start to create your dreams and reach your goal. Choosing the right strategy as well as being able to help others is key. ALL 4 One & One 4 ALL, I believe that that the 5-7% of the worlds population that own 90+ percent of the world assets has to come to an end. They have been manipulating and monopolising the vast amount of wealth/power, for FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR , FAR TO LONG, while they have been able to make there many work for them and the average folk have to go out and spend most of there time/week working to obtain a living, something so doesn’t sit right. It’s time that the working folk along with those in need got to know the simple strategy to build wealth and making their money work for THEM.

It’s time that WE folks had a fair chance in the monetary world and made out hard earned money work for us that WE even make money while WE sleep!

My Goal Is To Help YOU Achieve YOUR Goals.

Ultimately my goal is to help YOU create a passive income starting off with just $400/£327 to make it grow to $2000/£1466+ a month, that is $24,000/£17,589.00 a year! Keep in mind that this amount can increase growing as the months and years go by. We know that leaving YOUR money I the bank is as good as having it under your bed mattress, let me and my HyperVerse Community show YOU how to create a second income by making YOUR money work for YOU. If YOU want to be rich or not financially struggling, being comfortable financially or you may even want to be financially FREE, joining The HyperVerse Community would be the space ship to fly with. It’s time to HELP wipe out poverty and let the folks live the good life and not have to worry about how to pay rising bills and be debt FREE.

Okay, I want YOU to feel like YOU can reach out to me it you ever have any questions or would like more information, OR just drop me a comment to say Hi, that is cool to.

Anyways, that’s my story and why I care. Nice to meet YA and I hope you enjoy your experience within the walls of the OnLine Passive Rewards experience here.

Stay Bless,






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